Using Self Management Strategies to enhance patient function post concussion.

Instructor: Becky Moran OT Reg. (Ont.)

Pacing and Planning – Review of techniques as it applies to concussion, for both acute management and chronic phase

Assessments – A brief look to determine what and how to use to help guide pacing and planning and self management strategies

Parkwood Pacing Points System/MyBrainPacer– Delving into a ‘points’ system to help with pacing and planning, and using a systematic mathematical approach to this based on what the patient reports.  Ways to grade activities to increase challenge gradually, without pushing symptoms too high.

Rest & Leisure – How to have ‘productive’ rest and incorporating leisure into therapies aka how to turn life activities into exercises/therapies.

Return to Work – Guiding return to work; how to increase success with returning to work post injury.

Resiliency – Helping patients with coping with their life changes and build resiliency.

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